New Look

New Year New Look.

This past year as you all know has been a HUGE learning curve and I am still making mistakes and learning, but that's ok, isn't there an old saying, "If your not making mistakes, your not doing anything."  My website has been one of my UGH's!  So, I have been trying out different ones and getting even more frustrated.  I follow a photographer over on the west coast and her website is so clean and I like that.  I asked her who is her website provider and she said, "Squarespace."  Hey didn't I just see the commercial during the super bowl with Jeff Bridges, who I think is super cool, and squarespace?  Why, yes I did.  Long story short.  Here is my new site and blog.  Still working on it, but had to get it up and out into cyber world so people can find me. 

Hope you all like it.  And any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Spring is in the air!  Love when the sun comes out in Bellingham.  Everything smiles.