My Momma

Hello everyone!  Here are the photo's promised from my last blog, about making sure we honor our mom's for mother's day.

Life changes so quickly and you can't go back.  I do have regret that I haven't taken more photo's of my mom and especially of her and I.  I am going home again for Mother's day and I am getting a friend to come and take a few shots of her and I with my brothers, very rare indeed.  I did capture her with a few lovely shots of her outside in their garden at her nursing home.  I will say though, I did not find her this way, all clean and ready.  My heart sank when my brother and I walked into her room and found her with her pants down around her ankles and her "diaper" all dirty and torn up in her hands.  She seemed very lost and confused.  I have no idea how long the poor thing sat there pulling at her pants wanting help to go to the bathroom and just frantically pulling at her clothes.  The helper's first words were, "Oh, she does that allot!"  and that's ok I asked?  I was shocked and confused myself and really didn't do anything at that time, just wanted her cleaned up and ready to enjoy my visit.   The next day I found her still in bed at noon eating lunch, when asked if she had her once a week bath, the gal said that my mother punched her so she didn't get her bath!!!  I was shocked and went to our counselor and demanded an explanation.  I asked where are all the nurses that used to take such awesome care of my mom?  His answer was that there were some changes in November, (cut backs), and now her care is done by "Caregivers"  who don't really know how to care for Dementia patients.  They speak very little English and this is frustrating for my mom, who is already having challenges in her everyday life.   Lewy Body Dementia is robbing my mom of her dignity and her quality of life.  I am taking steps to make sure she is getting better care and will keep you posted.  But until then I hope you enjoyed the photo's I took of her.  For her to smile now is very difficult, so to catch such a big one like the good ol days was AWESOME!

Have a wonderful day and smile big, it just makes you happy.