Whatcom County Senior Portraits

It's hard to believe your baby is growing up and preparing to graduate.  The time when they will depart your nest to venture into the world and leave their mark is drawing near.  Your precious little boy or girl is in high school; their senior year is fast approaching and ready or not it's time to help them take the next step into adulthood.  I know you really don't want to think about it; you may have trouble talking about it; certainly you aren't ready to deal with it...but you must and we are here to help. 

The first step in helping your teen prepare for what's to come is encouraging them to celebrate where they have come from and empowering them to declare to the world where they are going.  Senior portraits are a beautiful way for your young adult to share their story and begin the transition into the next phase of their lives. 



Formal senior portraits in and of themselves are a tradition dating back to at least the 1880’s in America.  In those days senior portraits were taken in cap and gown, portrait style and posed in studios.  As you can see from my photos, my style is quite different. 

Through the use of photography, I strive to help your child realize the importance of their life thus far.  I encourage them to use great props such as Letterman jackets, team uniforms, trophies, club flags, and musical instruments to tell the story of their accomplishments; very important for their self-esteem, sense of fearlessness, and in portraying their dedication and commitment. 

In choosing locations for their photo shoot, I will assist them in identifying important people in their lives, hobbies they enjoy, special places they like to visit, and matters that are important to them; the skateboard park, their best friends, grandpa's barn, the blanket grandma crochet, dad's antique car, and the park where they played as a small child; all important in helping them realize their deep rooted connection to home, family, and their community.  Telling these stories through photography while celebrating their journey and development seizes the important milestones and moments than can never be relived. 

Your teens high school years are filled with marvelous milestones; their first car, falling in “love” for the first time, discovering what career they will pursue, developing and nurturing friendships that will last a lifetime, registering to vote, attending dances and prom, captaining their sports teams, applying for college, getting their first job, and in many cases preparing to move away from home for the first time; all incredible and influential events they will recall frequently throughout their lives.  Certainly these memorable moments, fabulous firsts and wonderful experiences deserve to be captured and preserved. 

Senior portraits are used for many things throughout the year and in those to come.  Senior yearbook photos are often shown in color and larger than other years, you may have a 1/4 page up to a whole page to tell your child's story; so having a professional photos is important.  Photo’s are often included when sending graduation announcements to loved ones near and far.  Family members who have shared the incredible journey of a young person’s life love receiving a print or canvas as a thank you for the influences they have made.  And, let's not forget about your role in this incredible journey; a beautiful metalic print or framed print of the wonderful human being you have nurtured into adulthood will bring you joy every time you see it.  Social media, job seeking, memories and more; the uses for these professional photos are endless.

Dawn Matthes Photography would love to help tell the story of your child's journey into adulthood.  We are booking portrait sessions now and offering an 11 x 17 print ($150 value) for those booked by March and April.  It's not necessary to photograph then, just be sure to reserve your spot before we are booked up for the busy season.  Booking early also ensures there is time to reschedule should there be issues with weather, illness or other circumstances.

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