Whatcom County Headshots Sessions

Social media is growing like crazy!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram; your profile picture and headshot photos are EVERYWHERE!!

Your online and/or print media appearance is SO VERY IMPORTANT; maybe even more important than your in-person image due to the vast number of people viewing your photos prior to ever meeting you.  They say "first impressions are everything," and boy is that ever true. 

A good quality portrait or headshot will;

  • build trust in you and your brand;

  • put a face to your name and voice;

  • portray a professional and inviting front to your business.

When looking at your headshot photo a person is making an assessment of you:

  • Do you appear organized and neat?

  • Is your pose welcome and warm?

  • Are you in-sync with current trends and technology?

  • Do you have a sense of humor?

  • Are you passionate about your career?

  • Are you trustworthy?

The group photo taken at a Christmas Party you cropped and are using as your profile picture might not look bad to your mom and friends, but to a potential employer or new client, it may portray lack of professionalism, irresponsibility, and/or just poor taste.  Like it or not, especially in this tech savvy world we live in today, your headshot photos may very well be hurting your business.

With so many avenues for someone to "pre-qualify" you personally and professionally these days, you absolutely have to stand out in the crowd, made a great first impression and portray your attention to detail, professionalism and your integrity; it is an absolute must.

I would love to visit with you to discuss your headshots prior to scheduling a session.   Sessions range from 15 - 45 minutes and start at approximately $75.  I typically ask you to bring a couple different outfits and depending on your business, interests, etc., we will decide whether to photograph you in a studio setting, at your place of business, on location or all of the above. 

So, give me a call right now to get going and don't forget mention you saw this BLOG for a 10% discount!!


(360) 296.2911