Mother's Day

I put a sense of urgency on this special day, because I know all to well, that time isn't my friend.  I have huge regret not capturing more beautiful portraits of me and my mother.  Now she is living in a nursing home and doesn't really remember me and she is only 75 years old.  Not old by today's standard, but Lewy Body Dementia is slowing taking her from me.  I am going tomorrow to spend a few days with her and I will take some photo's of her and I.  I will do her makeup and hair and try and capture her big beautiful smile that I inherited and am proud to share every time I greet you. 

Mom when she was about 25. 

Here's to all of you that are still blessed to have your mom in your life, capture their spirit now, don't wait. 

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Welcome Baby Julian

Julian John Wuhr, February 15th.

I met Cameron and Jamie just a little over two years ago when I was the newborn photographer at St. Josephs when their first child was born and I had the honor to photograph Lauren when she was just 24 hours old.  I have been photographing her milestones for the past two years.  On that day of photographing Lauren's second birthday, Cameron and Jamie told me they were pregnant and wanted me to photograph their baby boy just as I had done when Lauren when she was born.  I was so happy for them and I couldn't wait to get that call from the hospital.  It was so much fun.  This is why I love what I do.  I get to come along on a families journey and help them tell their story.  Cameron and Jamie truly see the value in what I do and I can't wait to photograph their little family as they grow.

Thank you Wuhr Family xo

New Look

New Year New Look.

This past year as you all know has been a HUGE learning curve and I am still making mistakes and learning, but that's ok, isn't there an old saying, "If your not making mistakes, your not doing anything."  My website has been one of my UGH's!  So, I have been trying out different ones and getting even more frustrated.  I follow a photographer over on the west coast and her website is so clean and I like that.  I asked her who is her website provider and she said, "Squarespace."  Hey didn't I just see the commercial during the super bowl with Jeff Bridges, who I think is super cool, and squarespace?  Why, yes I did.  Long story short.  Here is my new site and blog.  Still working on it, but had to get it up and out into cyber world so people can find me. 

Hope you all like it.  And any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Spring is in the air!  Love when the sun comes out in Bellingham.  Everything smiles.