Photographing horses and little ones.

Recently, I was asked to photograph children with their horses, sounds amazing right? Boy was I wrong. Okay let me back-up a little, when I was asked I was thrilled for this challenge.  Together the family and I came up with some fun idea's, such as putting a horn on one of the horses for a dreamy unicorn shoot. Another was to go out in a field with all the horses in the back drop.  I was so excited  to have all these wonderful ideas in my head and then the day came, and REALITY HIT. 

It was a screaming hot day (unusual for Bellingham, WA), with the little guy who wouldn't sit still, (shocking I know), a little girl crying because she was hot, and to add to the misery the the grass was prickly. Oh that's not all... we had a horse that was spooked and a unicorn horn, that wouldn't stay on.  I new it was gonna be challenging, but WOW. 

Thanks you to an awesome mom for organizing it, and  for being understanding of the not-so-easy day.  Thank you to all the people who helped through this horse photoshoot it truly was an experience. That being said we got some great shots, and sometimes I forget that we all have to roll with the punches, and not ever photoshoot will be perfect. 

In Life & Love - Dawn