Hi, my name is Dawn Matthes and I love creating beautiful, whimsical, fun portraits to tell families story. Photographing my family and others has always been so important to me. It is our history. It tells future generations our story. It helps us keep our memories alive. When my parents pasted away, the only thing I wanted was all the photo albums. I love looking at them, sharing them with my boys and friends. How cool to see my grandmother as a baby. Looking at the clothes they wore, the cars they drove. I love looking behind the scenes. It tells their story.

I am a mother of two teenage boys.  There is so much love, hilarity, and perfect chaos to parenting. I’ve enjoyed photographing all the moments parenting has gifted me. And to be able to give that gift to others is truly and honor.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful Sunshiny day.